Monday, 22 September 2014  
Assassin's Creed Unity delayed to November 2014

Assassin's Creed 5 can't be far away, so let's talk about the locations we'd like to see most...

Battleborn 18 Minute Gameplay Video Unleashes Tons Of Details

Gearbox Software let loose a new gameplay video for Battleborn, their first-person, multiplayer online battle arena game. The 18 minute video rolls out an entire mission, showcasing different classes in action, as well as having key members from the development team talk about the game and all the different factions.


Sleeping Dogs: Triad Wars Footage Leaks Ahead Of Announcement

United Front Games has announced that they will be officially unveiling Triad Wars, the spinoff to Sleeping Dogs. It's not just an announcement, it's going to be a full unveil. We get a taste of the game with a teaser bit of video with leaked footage.


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Adam Baldwin On #GamerGate: Its A Long War. Consumers Will Be The Decision Makers

One Angry Gamer "Years of playing 40 hour+ role-playing games, and spending endless nights competing in online FPS titles have conditioned the gamer to deal with attrition unlike any other. If this war has to go into the holiday season, it will. Adam Baldwin reiterates that point in a new interview where he lays out his position in this whole #GamerGate debacle. He also offers up some insightful wisdom and words of encouragement, as everything continues to unfold and expand in ways gamers never thought possible."


MrE reveals ::: Halo: MCC Zanzibar gameplay :::

The reveal of Zanzibar multiplayer map anniversary gameplay in HALO MCC. Gungoose video reveal as well, looks sweet!!


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